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2022 Price Update

February 14 2022 – Lisa Evans

2022 Price Update

2022 Price Update

At Eat My Lunch, we've held our current customer prices for as long as possible. Our last price rise was three years ago in 2019, and as we all know, quite a bit has changed since then!


To keep things transparent, Eat My Lunch wish to inform customers of a price rise from 28th February 2022. 


Since New Zealand's first lockdown in March 2020, overall food costs have increased by almost 4%.  Popular meats such as beef, chicken and pork have been the major culprits, costing 14-26% more than post-Covid prices.


Other elements affecting food prices include:

  • Supply disruptions.
  • Costs relating to added safety processes.
  • Shortage of seasonal workers in horticulture.
  • Our suppliers passing increased costs onto us.


As a social enterprise, Eat My Lunch is a business with a heart, with a portion of our profits helping to feed Kiwi kids in need.  So, when food costs rise, this affects our profits, and in turn, can affect the number of kids we feed.  Go to 'what is a social enterprise' on our blog to find out how a social enterprise differs from a regular business.


How will costs be used and what it means for you? 

  • Fresh and exciting meals designed and/or made by our in-house chefs and nutritionist.
  • Continue our current food range for different dietary types. 
  • Move (21) schools from our waitlist to our permanent Give School list.
  • Delivering meals in recycled or compostable packaging as much as possible. Eg: cardboard boxes and compostable cutlery.
  • All products are prepared in kitchens using strict hygiene protocols.


Rest assured, your Eat My Lunch order will continue to be fresh, tasty and on time. And every time you buy from us, you also feed a Kiwi kid who goes to school without lunch. Not surprisingly, the pandemic has increased our need to reach even more children in 2022, illustrated by the 1 in 4 Kiwi kids now living in poverty.    


As we move closer to the March price rollout, we will remind customers of our new prices through e-newsletters, social media etc. You can stay in the loop simply by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook.


If you have any questions about pricing or our menu – we're here to help. Just phone (09) 886 4644 or send us an email anytime.


We appreciate your continued support and passion for great food and happy Kiwi kids.



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