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9 Ways Volunteering with Us, Benefits You

May 17 2022 – Lisa Evans

9 Ways Volunteering with Us, Benefits You

9 Ways Volunteering with Us, Benefits You

19th – 25th June 2022, is National Volunteer Week. New Zealanders love to muck in and help a mate, so it’s no surprise around one million Kiwis volunteer every year*.


It’s one of those win-win scenario too, because the benefits of volunteering are as great to you, as they are to the organisation you're helping. Read on to find out how making a social difference delivers on all fronts.  


1.  Helps build relationships between employees. Many of us haven’t been in the office for 7 months. In that time, someone has probably bought a dog, kids have grown into teenagers, moved house, or taken up karate. Maybe all of those! Volunteering gives you the chance to connect - engage - have fun with your co-workers. Volunteering also gives people a sense of purpose and employee satisfaction. 


2.  It's a clever way to connect with customers and improve your brand image. Consumers seek out businesses who 'give back'. It’s not enough to make economic growth today, consumers expect you to make social and/or environmental growth as well.  If you build 'corporate social responsibility' into your budget, marketing, and work culture and you’re on your way to customer loyalty. Don’t forget to tag @eatmylunch.nz when posting photos so we can share the love for you. 


3.  Learn about social issues that affect thousands of New Zealanders. Today, one in four Kiwi kids live below the poverty line. That’s sobering stuff. But, the good news is a child who has a healthy lunch performs better in class. Teachers have told us :

  • 87% improved concentration in kids who have eaten a healthy lunch
  • 62% improved attendance 
  • 69% improved behaviour
  • 89% improved health and wellbeing


4.  It's a fun, fast-passed morning vibe with good tunes and decent coffee. You’ll go away on a natural high (usually a combination of volunteering and the coffee).


5.  Looking for some instant gratification? This is it. You experience first hands and up close, the difference you will make to a child today. Not a bad way to start the day, is it?  


6.  Volunteering makes you happy. Volunteering breeds empathy, connection, a sense of belonging, leading to a happier, well-rounded life. So many kids and teenagers are suffering from isolation overload, putting the spotlight on their mental health. With so much of their lives lived online (learning, socialising, entertainment), volunteering is direct and impactful.  Our school-aged volunteers often turn it into a project too. 


7.  It looks great on your resume. According to Seek Volunteer, 93% of employers agree volunteering can give you credible work experience.  It suggests you are willing to muck in and feel compelled to make a difference.


8.  Helps keep you active. Glenys is our inhouse volunteer legend. She’s retired and rightfully so!  But Glenys also loves to catch up with young people, give a portion of her week to something that matters, and has an excuse to get out of her pyjamas. That Glenys, she's a good egg.        


9.  You don’t have to jump through hoops to volunteer. Once, once a term, or once a year, our volunteer mornings prove you don’t have to do a lot to make a difference. Pop over to our volunteer page and see what’s available and when. We’d love to have your onboard. 


*State of Volunteering Report 2020 report





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