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Common Questions about our Buy One Give One programme

January 24 2022 – Lisa Evans

Common Questions about our Buy One Give One programme

Common Questions about our Buy One Give One programme

Our Buy One Give One model started in Lisa King’s home kitchen in 2015 and continues to be the backbone of Eat My Lunch today. 

Though the mission remains the same, times have changed. Here are a few common questions customers have asked us about our programme.


How does Buy One Give One work?

Every time you Buy any of our meal or gift offerings (breakfasts, lunches, morning/afternoon teas, platters or gift boxes), we Give a lunch to a Kiwi kid in need.  That’s why we call it Buy One Give One.


If I buy a lunch today, will the Give lunch go to a school today too?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on term dates, number of orders on any given day, and how many schools we can supply to. Rest assured, if your Give lunch isn’t enjoyed by a Kiwi kid today, it will be very soon.  That’s a given!


Is the school lunch the same as my lunch?

Our chefs and in-house nutritionist design a kid-friendly healthy lunch for our Give schools.  You probably didn’t like olives and falafel when you were a kid, but chances are you liked ham and coleslaw?  If their lunch doesn’t look suspicious, then they’ll eat it!  (Parents – we see you).

We follow healthy food guidelines while still appealing to our younger audience. Lunches include three items: a freshly made sandwich with chicken/ham/tuna & salad, piece of fruit/vegetable and a baked treat or snack. 


What happens when kids aren’t at schools, such as lockdowns or school holidays?

When kids are not at school, home and businesses across Auckland and Wellington are still buying lunches, salads, and platters from us. The surplus number of Give lunches is calculated and these funds are kept aside until school starts again. 


Example: Because customers bought from us during Auckland’s Aug-Dec 2021 lockdown, we can now feed 400 more kids in 2022!  That’s:  

  • 400 more kids turning up to school every day.
  • 400 more kids with food security.
  • 400 more kids with improved learning in class. 


But I don’t live in Auckland or Wellington, so how can I help?

that’s easy. For only $5 you can Give a lunch online. Or turn your generosity into a regular thing by subscribing to feed a child every week, fortnight or month.  We also deliver gift boxes and snack boxes nationwide.


How many Give lunches has Eat My Lunch made so far?

Over 1,700,000 school lunches to date! You can always check the top of our homepage for the latest numbers.


And on that note …

The more lunches we sell and the more events we cater for, the more confident we are to take on more schools and feed more Kiwi kids. Check out our full range and see what takes you fancy. 



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