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In the Press - Eat My Lunch Isolation Gift Box

March 28 2022 – Lisa Evans

In the Press  - Eat My Lunch Isolation Gift Box

In the Press - Eat My Lunch Isolation Gift Box

New Zealand Herald journalist, Kirsty Wynn wanted to learn more about our Isolation Health + Wellness gift box - a refreshing change from the gloomy news usually associated with COVID19.  

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The company that gifts free lunches to kids in need has designed isolation gift boxes with lozenges, lemon and ginger tea, antioxidant-filled chocolate and a cheeky roll of loo paper.

Social enterprise Eat My Lunch said the Isolation wellness pack with a roll of super-soft bamboo loo paper was the perfect way to let a colleague or friend who was isolating know that "isolation's a bummer, but we're thinking of you."

Eat My Lunch provides a free lunch to kids in need for every lunch ordered through their site but with every Isolation wellbeing box they will donate two lunches.

"It's a really nice but practical way people can do something for someone isolating but also give two free lunches to those who need them," Lisa Evans from Eat My Lunch said.

"The gift box has lozenges for sore throats, drinks with vitamin C and an isolation to-do list to keep morale up.  The packs also come with "a cheeky roll of toilet paper" - a nod to the great toilet paper panic buying problem of 2020.

And it's not the standard loo paper. Evans said it is high-end toilet paper from New Zealand company Smartass that is "tree-free" and made from bamboo and sugarcane.

Evans said the Isolation gift packs only launched a week ago but were already proving very popular as a surprise at home for workmates, family and friends who were isolating.

Under the Covid-19 red setting Eat My Lunch were not delivering lunches to schools but were "stockpiling credits" for the lunches created from the sale of the $40 gift boxes.

"We are adding up the credits and when we are in a position to get our volunteers in to make the lunches for schools we will get them out there. We will be in a position to add some more schools in need to the ones we already send out."

The Isolation Health and Wellness Box can be delivered nationwide there are classic, gluten-free and vegan options available.  Every box sold gives two free lunches to a child in need.



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