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Large Gift Box Order Brings Christmas Cheer to Charity Staff  

March 28 2022 – Lisa Evans

Large Gift Box Order Brings Christmas Cheer to Charity Staff  

Large Gift Box Order Brings Christmas Cheer to Charity Staff  

Christmas is a crazy-busy time at the best of times.  Throw COVID restrictions, supply chain issues, and tight deadlines into the mix and see how a team really steps up!

Eat My Lunch were approached by a leading New Zealand charity two weeks before Christmas 2021 with an order to distribute 4,500 gift boxes nationwide. After a challenging year of uncertainty, hard work and long hours, the charity’s management team wanted their staff and volunteers to receive some well-deserved Christmas cheer.

We spoke to their National Partnership Manager about their experience with Eat My Lunch, and how this massive team effort all came together.


Why did you choose Eat My Lunch for your staff gift boxes?

  1. Had the scale
  2. Within budget
  3. Quick turnaround
  4. Dietary options
  5. Nationwide delivery
  6. Knowing we were helping kiwi kids was a ‘feel good’ bonus.


How hard had it been on your team on 2021?

Our teams and volunteers had been working under huge pressure really since COVID kicked off back in 2020. They’d been working long hours in tough circumstances and conditions and everyone was really worn out. We wanted to find a way to thank them and make them feel noticed and supported. In addition, due to COVID and travel restrictions, we weren’t able to come together as a team at Christmas and we wanted to find a way to provide something for everyone remotely.


Did you have any hesitations about your order?  What was the outcome?

Not sure it could be done on time.  Communications. Consistency. Perception of waste/spend.

As a charity we have to walk a fine line between balancing perceptions of cost, but also not forgetting to show gratitude and thanks to our most important assets: our people and community of volunteers. Because Eat My Lunch is a social enterprise, it was wonderful to be able to give something to our people as well as knowing that by doing this we’d also be giving back to kids throughout NZ.

The EML team rallied for us and managed to deliver everything on time.


What feedback did you get from your staff?

"Just a huge thank for doing the gift boxes at short notice! Thanks for pulling off this Christmas miracle - you guys are amazing" General Manager Community Involvement. 

“Our people are loving them - we are so happy to know we have supported your important mahi !” Deputy Chief Executive. 

 A big thank you from the crew at Whangarei station. The gift boxes are under the tree waiting for each member from every watch. The crew are very excited and very grateful - thank you! Community Engagement Manager, Northland.  

"Thank you so much for the gifts", Staff member. 


What advice would you give to other businesses about your experience with Eat My Lunch?

If it feels like it’s a big ask, and might not be possible – just ask. The team at EML went above and beyond to help us and we’re so very grateful. As well as delivering on time, the quality of what was provided was excellent.





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