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Why an Eat My Lunch gift box is the right gift 

June 01 2022 – Lisa Evans

Why an Eat My Lunch gift box is the right gift 

Why an Eat My Lunch gift box is the right gift 


Buying gifts.  Some of us love it, some of us loath it.  Whichever side of the fence you sit on, there's no denying it can take up your time and your patience (especially if you're buying for tricky people). 

This is where gift boxes come into their own.  They’re fast, affordable and best of all, they leave a lasting impression. A gift box says, “I’ve put a lot of thought into this gift”.  Even if you haven’t. 


What makes an Eat My Lunch gift box different?

Sure, you’ve done your homework and you know there are lots of gift boxes around. But do those other boxes come with a social conscious? As a social enterprise, every time you order a gift box from us, Kiwi kids get fed.  It’s that simple.  Feeding kids is built into our business model - now and forever. 

Whether you purchase a $200 box (8 lunches) or a $50 box (2 lunches), Kiwi kids enjoy a healthy lunch at school (including carbs, protein, fruit/veg and a baked treat). And isn’t it nice to know you’re part of the solution to a growing social problem?  


So, what can you expect from our gift boxes?

1. Nationwide delivery. Mum lives in Paihia and your best friend is studying in Otago. No problem. 

2. Filled with great NZ products they’ll actually want to use. Plus, we actively seek out products that contribute to environmental or social good, so you’re supporting fantastic local brands as well.  

3. A gift that works hard for you. New employee, Farewell employee, Happy Birthday, Congratulations on the new baby, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, Loyal customer recognition, Well Done team, gift for him, gifts for her - you get the idea.

4. Gluten-friendly and vegan options are available, so no one misses out.

5. Brings more meaning to your gift giving. Each gift box generates 2-8 school lunches for Kiwi kids in need

6. Beautifully packaged in a reusable box. 

7. Easy way to strengthen staff and customer relationships.

8. Large orders can include a customised card. Talk to our Business Development Manager, Leo (leo@eatmylunch.nz) about your needs.

9. Convenience. Browse. Click. Done.

10. We can fill your order, whether it’s 1, 10, or 10,000 boxes.  Our terrific customer care team can answer all your questions. Email buyone@eatmylunch.nz or phone (09) 886 4644. 

    Add an Eat My Lunch gift box to your corporate and personal shopping list and give gifts with meaning.


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